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Welcome to Jumping Frog

The safest and easiest way for educators to connect and collaborate with students, parents, and each other

What We DO

We bridge the gap between teachers, students and parents to create an interpersonal and conducive education system.

Student Project

Tools that help students collaborate with their peers and create groups for projects wherein one can invite fellow group members to enhance the learning experience.

Parent Collaboration

Using technology to have parents get proactively involved with their ward's coursework and progress through constant communication with the respective teachers.


Our mission is to go over and above the existing traditional education structure and provide students with an enhanced learning experience through the use of advanced technology. We aim to break the barriers and limitation of the traditional learning system through state-of-the-art technology. The tools we use, create an educational environment that transcends the conventional requirements of schooling. We offer a platform to form a collaboration between the management, teachers, students and their parents, intended to uplift the role of education in a student's future.


To aid students in developing and improving essential functional skills required to compete with future global challenges.

To provide assistance to mentors and instructors who play an active role in shaping a student's life.

To ensure that parents and guardians are able to participate in their ward's daily activities and progress from the convenience of their homes.


Jumping Frog - Pre schools
Jumping Frog for pre schools is a beautifully built application which provides a platform to Parents and School Management. It is focused on creating and innovative environment to involve and encourage the parents to actively participate in day to day learning activities of their wards.

Jumping Frog - K12
Jumping Frog is a cloud based learning management system, which synchronizes all the stakeholders in the school ecosystem to provide them with Digital E-content delivery arena, Assessment, Collaboration, Analytics and SIS, which all together form an unmatched platform for educational excellence.

Jumping Frog - Government Schools
Jumping Frog for government schools is a very robust and secure platform built keeping in mind the audience base. It is very easy to use and implement in the existing environment. While our educationists talk regularly about the holistic development of every child in India, this is what we need. Jumping Frog is all set to restructure the learning management of our Government schools and make the students compatible enough to stand in-front of tomorrow's challenging society.

Jumping Frog is a powerful software connecting teachers, students and their guardians more interpersonally than ever before. It is a system that captures essential data of the ward which ranges from academic records to personality traits and social behavior.

It consolidates four modules that together form the crux of educational excellence:

Collaborative Learning Platform: Equipped with innovative and user friendly technology, Jumping Frog allows networking and collaboration among students, teachers and parents in pursuit of expanding the impact of education and schooling, towards a student's growth through exchange of feedback and tracking their performance.

Digital Resource & Tool: Students can choose to access their study materials and text books in the form of e-books and other electronic formats. Jumping Frog also offers a range of online lectures and shared presentation to students.

Analytics & Assessment: Jumping Frog provides clear student growth metrics from academics to co-scholastic areas which gives management an informative view about the progress of the students through online dashboard and detailed analytical report cards.

Learning Management System: Jumping Frog allows teachers to focus on student development primarily by streamlining various other activities such as Course development, Assignment and test creation, Annotating student submissions, Analysis reporting, Grading, General campus management.



Rajesh Bakshi

Founder & Chief architect

Kanwal Sahney

Board Member

Mr. Karan Singh Thakral

Chief Advisor

Tan Sri Dato' Dr. Syed Jalaludin

Chief Business Strategy

Geert van Kuijk

Advisor, Marketing & Brand Strategies

Sam al-sehamma

Advisory Board Member