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Various teams, clubs and societies exist within a school. These groups can be coordinated and managed online instead of wasting excessive time for coordinating and assembling for group meetings. Members of a group can allocate as well as execute responsibilities online.

Student Project Collaboration

Students can now use the group feature to communicate with their classmates for projects and other assignments. They can invite members to join their groups and coordinate with them and the teachers using the messenger feature.

Parent Collaboration

Parents can now be aware of their child's progress on a daily basis as opposed to the bi-annual parent teacher interaction meetings that would be conducted in school. Parents will be notified about any exceptional change in behavior or major achievements instantly. Parents can also connect with other parents to discuss matters that they may need assistance with or just to share their experience.

Teacher Global Networking

Teachers can stay connected with other teachers across the globe via Jumping Frog. This feature is unique to our product to promote interaction between teachers in order to share best practices, additional knowledge and keeping updated with the latest developments in the field of academia. Teachers can seek help and advice from other teachers for various situations and take action accordingly.

Our Features


Teachers can now assign homework, grade assignments and provide feedback online. Similarly, students can work on the assignments and submit the same online; additionally parents can keep track of submission dates and any remarks if necessary.


Jumping frog provides clear student growth metrics from academics to co-scholastic areas which gives management an informative view about the progress of the students through online dashboard and detailed analytical report cards.

Student Attendance

An easy-to-use tool to replace the tedious use of attendance registers and marking attendance manually, teachers can mark, view and calculate a student's attendance online as and when convenient


The management can share the examination schedules online with the teachers, students and parents. The student's performance can be tracked online with relevant feedback to track their progress.

Syllabus Management

Teachers can plan their syllabus structure online and share relevant information with the students and parents to help them remain in tandem with the classwork.

Transport and Bus Route Management

The management and parents can keep a track of the buses and respective drivers that ply through various bus routes along with the students that travel in each bus. Private modes of transport can also be tracked for each student along with the contact number of the personnel responsible for the child.


Timely reminders and important information can be set for upcoming events.